Harvesting the Waterfall

Project in the making: raw clay drawings on wall and music recordings by Olivier Girouard, Peter Morin, Navid Navab and Ziya Tabassian for a vinyl record.

Friday September 25 2020, I participate in the Symposium:

Fonctions de l'atelier d'artiste


CRILCQ is pleased to invite you to the “fonctions de l'atelier d'artiste” conference organized by Laurier Lacroix (CRILCQ, UQAM) and Dominic Hardy (CRILCQ, UQAM).

For the full program, visit the following link:

http://www.crilcq.org/index.php?id=30&tx_news_pi1▪news Danemark=3217


Text by Christophe Scott published on the website Histoire des ateliers d'artistes au Québec (1800-1980) about our workshop.

We offer courses and support for all levels. It is also possible to rent a workspace on a monthly basis.

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