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Par une multitude assemblée | Assembled Multitudes is a new project still in production

The multitude references all of the living that surrounds us – all of what brings life and makes life possible on this planet. I made these pieces to honour friends who live on l’Isle-aux-Grues, Québec, in perfect harmony with their territory. From the banks of the Saint-Lawrence, we walk through the forest to enter their home, and are greeted with a long table made of four smaller tables aligned under the canopy of old trees. The setting is impressive, generous, grandiose in the way that one feels as part of an inclusive and generative  collaboration.  


My friends gave me slices of the trunk of an ash tree. I used them as molds to make platters intended for both inside and outdoor settings. They receive food or rain or bugs or leaves … various forms of sustenance and nourishment. The porcelain support makes use of clay sourced from the waters and shores of the Saint-Lawrence just in front of their home as a glaze which is then fired at high temperature.

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