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  • Carnet de bord, 27 juillet 2022

    This installation teaches me a lot about the qualities of low-fired clay. The canals stay moist and therefore have helped the plants to grow. But they also helped to keep the grass and other plants in the vicinity, those stuck to the outer walls of the channels, green.

  • Carnet de bord, 22 juillet 2022

    Grass, small yellow flowers (birdsfoot trefoil), clover, plantain now surround the clay channels. I assume that this vegetation keeps the canals moist and encourages the growth of the wheat, corn and soybeans. The much needed entanglement of all living things, including us, never ceases to amaze me. That said, some corn plants have been cut down. I suspect the geese in the neighbouring field or the hare or a groundhog, my neighbours!

  • Carnet de bord, 12-15 juillet

    From sketch to work.

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  • Home | Mariecote

    Sculpture, ceramics, drawing, musical collaborations Video by: Charlotte Lacoursière Daily salad bowls Clay and shale from Gaspésie, on sale at the Fabrique 1840 Remurmurer la terre: hommage à Yvon Forget Triennale de Laval, Interrègnes, July 31- October 30 2022 Where to pick the fall Project in production: raw clay drawings on wall, recordings of the music of Olivier Girouard, Peter Morin, Navid Navab and Ziya Tabassian on vinyl record. Marie, the breath Drum (tribute to Jim Pepper) work of Marie Côté, Peter Morin, Ziya Tabassian Collection, MNBAQ, photo Denis Legendre North: "at the still point of the turning world" T.S. Eliot Gardiner Museum, Collection Raphael Yu, Le son est rond See the art works of the musée national des beaux-arts du Québec collection Marier la terre, les feuilles et la forêt Exhibition by Joseph Branco and Marie Côté, Galerie d'Arts Sutton, April 11 - May 30, 2021 Le vendredi 25 septembre 2020 j'ai participé au colloque « Fonctions de l'atelier d'artiste » organisé par Laurier Lacroix (CRILCQ, UQAM) et Dominic Hardy (CRILCQ, UQAM). Voici mon texte: ​ ​ ​ Voici la vidéo des présentations du colloque « Fonctions de l'atelier d'artiste » ​ ​ Marie Côté offers courses and support for all levels. It is also possible to rent a workspace on a monthly basis. See details Classes and rentals

  • Classes | Mariecote

    Fall 2022 7-week workshops from October 17 to Noveberm 28 at a cost of $402.41 taxes included ​ You can choose to wear the mask or not. Nothing is simple, everything drags on and we all have to remain vigilant. I thank you for your kindness and concern for one another. Pottery classes (groups of 5 people maximum) Fall schedule ​ Monday: 1 to 4 o'clock Monday: 5:30 to 8:30 pm (Full) Tuesday: 10 to 1 o'clock ​ Wednesday: 5:30 to 8:30 pm (Full) Marianne Chauveau and I conduct evening classes on a rotating basis. The cost includes a porcelain bag glazes and firing three additional hours per week to practice Inscription Space rental (for recreational or part time potters!) For $165/month, taxes included, it is possible to rent a small work space, including two storage shelves and access to a wheel, roller table for slabs, firings. The studio is available every day except during class periods. A limit of 12 hours per week is allowed. Voir détails Firing (Fees for oxydation firing) $ 80 before tax for a full kiln $ 30 before tax for a shelf no more than 20 cm high The pieces must not exceed 55 cm in diameter and height ​ If time is needed in the glazing room a additional 5$ /hour will be charged Voir détails

  • Inscription | Mariecote

    Contact Your name Your email address Je comprends qu’en m’inscrivant une place m’est réservée au moment de la confirmation courriel soit par Marie Côté ou par Marianne Chauveau. La session de 7 semaines coûte 402.41$ incluant les taxes. Leave me a message... Send Thank you!

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