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  • Carnet de bord, 27 juillet 2022

    This installation teaches me a lot about the qualities of low-fired clay. The canals stay moist and therefore have helped the plants to grow. But they also helped to keep the grass and other plants in the vicinity, those stuck to the outer walls of the channels, green.

  • Carnet de bord, 22 juillet 2022

    Grass, small yellow flowers (birdsfoot trefoil), clover, plantain now surround the clay channels. I assume that this vegetation keeps the canals moist and encourages the growth of the wheat, corn and soybeans. The much needed entanglement of all living things, including us, never ceases to amaze me. That said, some corn plants have been cut down. I suspect the geese in the neighbouring field or the hare or a groundhog, my neighbours!

  • Carnet de bord, 12-15 juillet

    From sketch to work.

  • Carnet de bord, 4 juillet 2022

    Life settles in and adapts to time .

  • Carnet de bord, 28 juin 2022

    The wheat grows well.

  • Carnet de bord, 20 juin 2022

    The installation is slowly coming to life in its new environment. It still needs some maintenance!

  • Carnet de bord, 30 mai 2022

    The installation of the work "remurmurer la terre: hommage à Yvon Forget" began on Monday, May 30 with the shooting of a video for the Fabrique culturelle. The work is exhibited on the grounds of the Théâtre du bout de l'île, on Île Jésus in Laval, as part of the Laval Triennial, which will run from July 31 to October 30, 2022

  • Carnet de bord, 1er juin 2022

    We have spread the channels in the form of mycorrhizae .

  • Carnet de bord, 6 juin 2022

    The wheat is rising!

  • Carnet de bord, 13 juin 2022

    All seeds have emerged. The rain of the last few days has favoured the establishment. The grass around the canals also needs to be tended.

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