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Photo: Roger Charbonneau photographer


Photo: Paula Youwakim, This is Paulette

I have been working with clay for 40 years, crossing the practice of ceramics, drawing and contemporary sculpture. One or the other of these disciplines nourish my imagination and maintain ever closer and more singular relationships. Over time and with great determination, I have sought to use this material in all its states and with collaborators from other disciplines in order to express and share my concerns and thoughts on the world around me.

Reflections surrounding my practice.

Curriculum vitae


La Fabrique culturelle:

2022: video shot in Laval at the" bout de l'île" theater and on the Forget farm as part of the trienniale banlieue! of the maison des arts de  Laval.

2016: video shot at the Rimouski regional museum in October 2016, produced by Télé-Québec

Presentation of my work at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery as part of the Winifred Shantz Award for Ceramics and RBC Award for Glass,

November19, 2013

Historical dictionary of Quebec sculpture in the 20th century

The 6235 Workshops

I started by making pottery. I never stopped. It taught me patience and discipline and above all gave me a particular vision of the world. I found in the making of these utilitarian objects a very modest way of penetrating everyday life and embellishing it. I acquired a certain sensitivity for clay or earth, which is still the preferred material for all my work today. And it is always to clay that I return when, on certain days, the meaning of things escapes me, as if returning to simple and fundamental gestures allowed me to safeguard a spontaneity that is born directly from the knowledge of a material.


It is in this spirit that I offer pottery classes in my studio. At the pace of each participant, I accompany them in the development of their respective skills.


Les ateliers 6235 is also the story of a building on Papineau Street where several artists who have studios there work side by side. Here is a short text of presentation.


And a text written by Christophe Scott and published on the web site of Histoire des ateliers d'artistes au Québec (1800-1980) about our studio.


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