Harvesting the Waterfall , is a research project whose goal is to create an installation that will bring together my new drawings of raw clay with music recordings, on a vinyl disc, of four of my collaborators: Ziya Tabassian, percussionist, Olivier Girouard electroacoustician and composer, Peter Morin artist and curator of the Tahltans First Nation and Navid Navab multidisciplinary artist and composer. This project is subsidized by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec.


Clay sourced in summer at rang Saint-François in Saint-Hyacinthe. The plain of Montreal is the main sedimentation basin of clay and silt of the Champlain Sea. Its presence dates back 10,000 years.


In the making

I see Harvesting the Waterfall as a place, the one that each of us seeks to inhabit as an artist and where all our experiences, our stories, our dreams and our projects are concentrated. I dare to believe that in this place, where my project is based, it is also possible to tell, share and support our desires and hopes. .


I understand “sharing” as a way to advance, to progress, to move forward. It is the promising and current element of a proposal which is based, after all, on traditional artistic practices: ceramics, music and the making of a vinyl record. Living in a place, was it as abstract as being an artist in the world today, is discovering over time the meaning of our actions and feeling all that is linked to it. It is the possibility of enlarging the circle. It is to be open to what is.


Singing and resonanting bowl


Freshly thrown clay from Saint-Hyacinthe 


Ziya Tabassian: drum skin


Micro gatherings

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