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Echos de la terre,  window exhibition at 2126 Rachel East, May 3-June 14, 2014

Earth Echoes

Window exhibition



Marie Perrault


May 2014

"These pieces of tableware appeal to us by the fullness and emptiness they define, as well as by their arrangement in space, creating effects of complimentarity and inversion of form, particularly in their reflections in the window.

These concerns anchor Marie A. Côté's practice in an exploration of the container qualities of her sculptures.  They predispose her to find an original material to fill her pots ...

On the wall, raw clay drawings represent the porcelain bowls. In contrast to the glazed earth, they bear witness to a different appropriation of the territory and its influence on the lives of the inhabitants or on the perception of passing spectators.


Echoing the swirl of blue and white porcelain, they anchor the artist's approach in another direct experience of the earth, recognizing its primacy as the container of our lives.

This turnaround gives a whole new meaning to the pottery and ceramics project that is reflected in this installation. In the end, going around in circles with the clay produces more than you might think ..."

(from a text by Marie Perrault published by OBORO








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