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Land Songs, Water Songs, Chants de terre, Chants d'eau, collaboration project with Peter Morin, artist and performer from the Tahltan First Nation and Ziya Tabassian, percussionist, curator Jordan Strom. This project was presented at the Surrey Art Gallery, BC, from June 29 to September 1, 2018. We presented two performances at Ateliers 6235, May 4-5, 2019. The installation and the recordings are part of the permanent collection of the Surrey Art Gallery.

Live interview on July 27, 2018: Radio-Canada premiere Vancouver


Drums, drum beats, stories, songs, land and clay came first, connecting us – Peter Morin,  Ziya Tabassian,  Roxanne Charles and me. Then Navarana Igloliorte came our way, capturing images and overlapping her artistic knowledge to ours. Finally Somit Sharma recorded and edited the sound of the performances.


Our encounter created a space, an atmosphere, a “landscape” in which I could navigate through the explorations I feel, around and within me. I believe our encounters made it possible for all of us to understand our sensitivities and our desire to share our unique stories. It occurred to me that our project raises questions about the relationship between our different cultures, artistic endeavours, histories and territories. I listened and received all these stories as a gift. It shed light on respect and sharing, silence and presence.


Water Drumming: collaboration de Ziya Tabassian, Peter Morin, Marie Côté Navarana Tretina et le territoire.

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