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Les courants, Currents, exhibition presented at the Lilian Rodriguez gallery from April 22 to May 27, 2006

Press release



For her first solo exhibition at the Lilian Rodriguez gallery, the artist presents a series of works entitled "les Courants" made entirely of ceramic works.


In continuation with her recent work, this new production still testifies to the artist's fascination and concerns for water. Hanging on the wall, these works present themselves as a kind of hybridity between drawing and sculpture. They represent fluid silhouettes inspired by what one could imagine to be water networks of streams, rivers and lakes. These drawings / sculptures, by their serpentine lines, invite us  a mobility of the gaze . This rhythmic vision is created both by a jerky and continuous movement, given by the dynamics between the different segments of each part and by the formal and chromatic unity of the whole. In addition, the brilliance, transparency and colors of the glazes used as well as the play of shadows given by the wavy movement of the lines help create a floating effect on the surface of the wall. ”


Joseph Branco

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