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Les tambours, drums 2006 - 2018 

Collaborations and drums


Peter Morin: Tahltan First Nation artist and performer

Ziya Tabassian: percussionist


I collaborate with Ziya since 2006, he plays on my works. Ziya is a very committed musician whose research on sound exploration both on traditional instruments and on objects that come from his environment leads him to exceptional and innovative sound creations. Each instrument or object is a subject of research and sound creation.


And like him, Peter also plays the drum. The link was obvious. Impregnated with their respective Tahltan and Persian cultures, both seek in the rhythms to give the works meaning and breath. By playing on my ceramics my sensitivity is found to marry quite naturally with theirs. They give my works a voice that lets the clay as a material be heard, but also lets the resonances and ancestral knowledge vibrate, which become at the same time foundations and stepping stones. 


Excerpts of a presentation


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